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Manager's Welcome

Manager's WelcomeHere at the GPYC we pride ourselves in being our members' home away from home. All of the services we offer, and all of the programs we provide, are centered on the idea that we are all members of one big family sharing in like interests and enjoying the community of a shared passion for the GPYC. This idea of family and community is so integral to the GPYC club culture that we have woven it into our Mission Statement:
“Continue to be a premier yacht club, amongst the finest in North America, also providing high-quality family and social programs to its members.”

 This Mission Statement is a constant reference point upon which decisions are made, programs are developed and activities are organized.  As you navigate through the website, you will see a common theme emerging. From our Junior Sailing Program to our Swim and Tennis programs, our focus is on providing, not only the best, but the most inclusive programs for all members of the family.

Our family activity programming spans all ages and includes a broad range of activities. As you will note in the Swim Team section of this website, there are children participating from very early ages up to and including high school children. These swimmers quite literally grow up together at the GPYC, forging relationships lasting into adulthood.

The Junior Sailing section is another area where members of all ages can participate. From “Learn to Sail” to the more competitive racing programming, on up to Adult Sailing, it offers the entire family an opportunity to get out onto the water and experience the joys of sailing.

Sailing is so important to the GPYC that in 2010 a non-profit foundation was created to promote the sport of sailing. The mission of the “Grosse Pointe Youth Nautical Education Foundation” is to promote and foster a passion for sailing. The successful creation of this foundation, and its immediate impact, is a testament to the passion our members have for the GPYC, and for promoting and reinforcing the mission of the GPYC to engage all members at all ages in the sport of sailing.

The “Pointe Club” section of this website is another example of how the GPYC is focused on assimilating all age groups into the Club. The Pointe Club is specifically geared towards our younger, under forty members. All of the programs and activities are planned by the Pointe Club Committee. Just browse through this section and you will quickly see how active this group has become.       

We like to say our middle name is “Yacht” and we certainly are passionate about all things on the water. Our Harbor section of the website will guide you through all the information you need to familiarize yourself with our harbor and its well trained and attentive staff.

One of the things you may note while navigating the site is our designation as a “Platinum Club of America.” For over a decade the Grosse Pointe Yacht Club has been recognized as the Number 1 Yacht Club in America. While this is tremendous recognition, especially considering it is voted upon by Club Presidents and Club Managers throughout the country, it creates a responsibility for the GPYC to meet the high expectations and standards of excellence required to maintain this distinction. Each and every day, and at the end of the day, our mission is to assess whether we have lived up to this high honor. At the GPYC we like to believe that “a rising tide lifts all boats.”

We are pleased to welcome you into our home here at the GPYC and hope you enjoy exploring.

Tom Trainor, CCM
GPYC General Manager





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