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Join an upper echelon of greatness, in every way

While GPYC prides itself on excellence, our exclusive club members enable us to deliver on that time and again. Whether your passion is on the water or on the land, the focus of our private members club is always on cultivating community and camaraderie.

Multiple levels of luxury, on your terms

Our four membership levels directly correlate to what you consider worthwhile at GPYC. Avid boater? Go for our Active Membership, with full privileges. Seeking to solely scale up your connections? Our Social Membership is perfect for exploring new networking opportunities. Explore each membership level in detail below.


These members are Primary Club account holders with access to:
All Club facilities and amenities, including a well in the harbor and voting privileges for Club processes


Members have full Club privileges except the right to rent a well in the Club Harbor and the right to vote.


These members are sons or daughters of GPYC Members, with access to:
All facilities and amenities except well-renting in the harbor and voting privileges


These members do not have their principal residence or place of business within 75 miles of the Club, with access to:
All facilities and amenities, except well-renting in the harbor and voting privileges

Get a taste of excellence without the pressure

Still unsure if a GPYC exclusive membership is right for you and your family? Don’t fret. With the GPYC Pilot Program, you can enjoy a 50% reduction on initiation fees for a limited time. Let us help you discover what it truly means to be a part of the GPYC community.