MICSA Swim Finals 2021 Committee Chair Kick Off Meeting


GPYC is proud and excited to host the MISCA Swim Finals in late July 2021. This major event involves 14 Detroit-area clubs from the Michigan Inter-Club Swimming Association competing at our club. Planning is underway, with many members needed to assist with organizing the Finals over the next 18 months. On Wednesday, February 12, the Finals Co-Chairs will present the Committee structure for members interested in chairing or co-chairing a Finals Committee (click here for the committee list). Please RSVP to Penny Newlander (pnewlander@mcdonaldhopkins.com ) and indicate the committee(s) you are interested in chairing/co-chairing. We look forward to showcasing our club and hope you will join us! 2021 MISCA Swim Finals Co-Chairs Steve Beckett, Jim Boutrous, Maureen Gleason, and Julie Schuetze