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Breathe a Better Life


Discussion Pointes

Daniel Ament: Breathe a Better Life

Founder, Fight4Wellness

Wednesday, April 29 | 7 p.m.

As a junior at Grosse Pointe North High School, Daniel excelled in academics and athletics. Daniel was well-liked and had many friends through his active life of competitive sailing, swimming and running. When he wasn’t practicing for regattas or meets, you could find him with friends or family on or somewhere near the water. He also had a passion for urban exploration and adventures with his friends. Daniel's goal was to attend the U.S. Naval Academy located in Annapolis, Maryland, and then pursue a career in the military as a Navy Seal.

All that changed on September 5, 2019, when Daniel became very ill as a result of a severe illness due to vaping. He was 16 years old. After spending 29 days on life support, Daniel faced imminent death prior to receiving the gift of life with the first double lung transplant in the world from a vaping related illness on October 15, 2019. While Daniel is doing well, full recovery from a lung transplant can take months.

Today, Daniel is committed to sharing his story publicly and launching a non-profit organization that will encourage young people to live a healthier and happier lifestyle and improve overall mental wellness with training or counselors, coaches and parents to provide alternatives for coping with the pressures of being a teenager void of substances.

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