Platform Tennis Drop-in Play
Mondays & Thursdays, 6-8 p.m.

Join fellow members for platform tennis drop-in play. 

Platform Tennis is played on raised courts so there can be heaters beneath the court to prevent icing of the playing surface. The playing surface and the paddles used are gritty to allow for better footing and the ability to put serious spin on the balls. The paddles are like those used in Pickleball, though they are heavier as the ball is like a tennis ball in that it has fur but is smaller than a tennis ball.  The court is enclosed by chicken wire and players can take a ball off the chicken wire.  They are not allowed to play the ball by hitting it to and off the chicken wire. Scoring is like tennis scoring with love-15-30-40 and ad scoring. Games are, as with tennis, played to 6 with a need to win by two or play a tie breaker as agreed to by the players.  One person on each team serves until a game is concluded.  Serves can be overhand and typically are.  If you haven’t played, members will teach you the game swiftly.
For questions, email or call David Szymanski or (313) 590-3334.